Omo Santana Remix Compilation
2024-04-26 10:27 Our latest release is a compilation with various remixes and solo tracks by Omo Santana. It starts with the first record by Love Parade co-founder Dr. Motte and ends with a collaboration between Omo Santana and Walfisch original DJ Zappa. The picture shows Omo Santana in 1990.
New Bass Disposal Releases
2024-02-05 16:31 We have extended the collaboration with Henry Paeckert and Bass Disposal from Shanghai and have released new albums from Pong HM, The Shepherd Of Noize and Aural Audacity. All albums are available via Bandcamp and all other shops.
New Single by The Tuts
2024-01-31 14:47 The duo from Heliopolis, Cairo, has again teamed up with Omo Santana to record a cover of an Egyptian song from the mid 60s. The original Silvery Nile is a recording by Samir Alexandrani, aka Sam Sanders, in English, composed by the legendary musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab and with lyrics by Rita Shoukry. The video features the National Dancer of Egypt, Samia Gamal.
Der Würfler - I Love The Darkness
2023-10-27 11:53 Get the new 12inch by DER WÜRFLER direct via our Wild Youth Digital Shop and save on Bandcamp fees and shipping costs I Love The Darkness is out now.  -   All tracks written and produced by Der Würfler and Thomas Rönnfeldt     -    Mastered by Sandro Dreßler @ Soundmastering   -    Artwork by Peter Michael Strube   -    Photo by Sascha Nickel   -    Sculpture "Woman Blue Red" by Peter Bauer   -    Special thanks to Heike Patsch
In memory of Shaden Gardood
2023-07-29 12:00 On May 12, 2023, the popular Sudanese singer Shaden Gardood was killed after a mortar hit her house in Omdurman. Shaden Gardood met Omo Santana in Khartoum in November 2021, when he was in Sudan for the preparation of the second Karmakol Festival. The two liked each other and talked about working together. Shaden recorded one of their Sudanese songs acapella to a click track and Omo Santana was to contribute music for a demo. Then came the coup, the cancellation of the festival, and later the clash between two generals and the collaboration come to a stop. On September 9, Wild Youth Digital releases the demos with the voice of Shaden from the year 2021.    Shaden, we will miss you.
News from Khartoum
2022-11-01 20:31 Bringi is out November 7. BRINGI is a House project based in Khartoum, Sudan. Everyone in Khartoum knows Mohamed Fox Bilal, the percussionist who brings every dance floor in the capital to the boil with his instruments. The vocals come from the wonderful Nancy Chan (Kwasi) from Nairobi and the Egyptian Ahmed Abdel Mohsen, who also wrote the lyrics. Written and produced by Omo Santana.

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