fight the power - fight racism 

Karmakol festival 2021

Due to the political situation in Sudan Karmakol 2021 is cancelled and we will look forward to 2022. We hope, that the military steps back and gives the power to a civil government. Wild Youth Digital is happy to be  part of the festival team in 2022.. WE WILL NEVER  SURRENDER!

Fight the power - fight racism

Admittedly, we are not the youngest, but we come from a generation that was sure that music is revolution. If only a little bit. Every note that is published is politics and stands for change or stagnation. Our heart beats left and we battle against oppression and racism, against stupidity and fascists and we fight to make this world a better place.



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aswan music days 2024

The Aswan Music Days are a 3 days conference to be established in Aswan in the south of Egypt. ASWMD connects delegates from around the world  with the Egyptian and African  music scene. It is open to all kinds of music but has a special eye on innovative soundscapes. Mohamed Mounir is the president of the festival. 


Wild Youth Digital and its Aswan office will be part of the festival and work in the organizing team. Watch for more news to come.


ASWDM will start in  2024.